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The Education Of Kings

The Education Of Kings, by Art Dappen. Read by Bobby Dappen. (2 hrs.)

Conference talks


Don’t Shoot Yourself In The Foot! (Dave and Debbie Klein)

As surely as there are ways we can bolster our family through homeschooling, there are ways we can undermine it as well. Dave and Debbie, homeschooling parents since 1993, will share what they have learned and observed. They will also share things they are trying to put into practice and things they are trying to snuff out! (1 hr.)

“Seek Ye First” Homeschooling (Dave Klein)

The goal of this presentation is for us to make God’s Word not only the foundation of our children’s education, but the focus. We will look at some of the ways we can keep God’s kingdom and His righteousness at the forefront of our children’s education. (52 min.)

Don’t Quit! (Debbie Klein)

Does the Lord intend there to be more to homeschooling than homeschooling? We will discuss God’s promises to us as a basis for encouraging ourselves and others in our calling as homeschooling moms. (1 hr.)

Reforming Feminist Homeschool Moms (Debbie Klein)

For many Christian parents, homeschooling is simply a return to God’s intention for raising children. However, the tendency for mom-dominance in homeschooling is powerful and undermines a return to biblical roles in marriage. “Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.” Proverbs 14:1 (1 hr.)

A Big Bang For Creation Science (Lloyd Anderson)

Well it’s good to see you this morning — good morning! And it’s great to see the family in front that was here 10 minutes early. So they’ve been waiting almost a half an hour for this already. The eruption of Mt. St. Helens was really an awesome event for the world… (1 hr.)

Three Kinds Of Illiteracy (Art Dappen)

It’s good to see everybody this morning. Yesterday I was talking about copying the Bible as education. Hard to hear back there, Mike? And we were talking yesterday about how the king of Israel was supposed to copy the Law of Moses in a book, from the original… (45 min.)

Bitterness (Mike Richardson)

Thank you. It’s good to be with you this morning, and it’s always good to have the opportunity to… are you looking for the paper I just hid down here? …to share the Word of God, and to share some of the things that He's doing in our lives… (47 min.)

Words (Mike Richardson)

God has truly given us many blessings in our life. And today, the title of my message today is ‘Words.’ And as I was struggling to prepare this message that I’m going to share today, no topic seemed to be right. And as I was trying to think of what I was going to share… (40 min.)

College Considerations For Christians (Dave Klein)

Is college the best way to prepare our children to serve the least, the last, and the lost? How should our goals as Christians affect our decision for college? Can the way in which God chose to turn humble fishermen into the leaders of His church be applied to our children’s preparation for life? (1 hr.)

Ways With Words (Debbie Klein)

This talk includes practical ideas to keep God’s Word not just the foundation but the focus of our teaching in the area of language arts. We will discuss ideas for pre-readers on up — for enabling our children to learn, to use, and even to minister through writing. Does “seek ye first the kingdom of God…” apply to language arts? You decide! (1 hr.)



Welcome To The Family

Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals: Zak; Vocals: Abi, Sarah, Solomon, Hannah, Joanna, Rebekah, Susanna, Noah, Samuel (2 min.)

How Great Thou Art

Instrumental. Guitar: Zak; Harmonica: Ben (4 min.)

Jesus Saves

Guitar, Vocals: Zak; Keyboard, Vocals: Abi; Harmonica, Percussion: Ben; Vocals: Sarah, Solomon, Hannah, Joanna (3 min.)