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A Review Of Schools
William Cowper

A selection of excerpts from one man's controversial appraisal of the state of schools, written in 1784. Though separated from his time by centuries, modern readers may find striking similarities between his concerns and what many today are identifying as problems with schools.

24 pages.

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Reasons For Homeschooling And Why They Matter
Dave Klein

Our reasons for homeschooling will affect the things we teach, the amount of time we spend on each area, the types and amounts of material we acquire and many other aspects of our homeschooling effort. We need to realize that the “whys” have a big impact on all these things.

4 pages.

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The Saddest Book In My Library
Glenn Conjurske

Glenn Conjurske’s description of the saddest book in his library.

2 pages.

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What About Socialization?
Art Dappen

4 pages.

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The Modern Family Does Not Produce Laborers For God
Art Dappen

36 pages.

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The Education Of Kings
Art Dappen

Is there a Biblical pattern for education? In this book, Art Dappen discusses the difference between the world's educational goals and God's goals, and lays out an amazingly simple, yet incredibly effective, method for training children to have a true Biblical worldview. Taken from God's commandment for the preparation of Israel's kings, this method has been tried and proven by Art's family and many others across the U.S. and Mexico.

96 pages.

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“If I Had Only One More Year To Teach My Children…”
Janneken Munstdorp

As a tool in helping parents to draw together priorities for their children’s instruction, Ruth Beechick offers a question. The homeschool author and holder of a doctorate in teaching and curriculum tells us to ask ourselves, “If I had only one more year to teach my children, what would I teach them this year?”

1 page.

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Beware Of Leaving Your Little Ones In Egypt
C.H. Mackintosh

“To say that I am counting upon God to bring my children to Canaan, and yet all the while educating them for Egypt, is a deadly delusion.”

8 pages.

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