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Paths In Your Mind
Art Dappen

Living a God-pleasing life is often a struggle, even when others are watching. But our thought-life is completely invisible... except to God. In this short, to-the-point booklet, Art gives simple, straightforward ways to cleanse our minds, so that we can say with David, “Try my heart, O God.”

4 pages.

Tags: dads, moms, family devotions, verse a day

Crucifying The Wrong Thing
Art Dappen

8 pages.

Tags: bible copy, dads, moms, verse a day

The Tiniest Word Of God
Art Dappen

4 pages.

Tags: bible copy, dads, moms, family devotions, verse a day

How To Teach Reading Using The Bible
Debbie Klein

Our family’s testimony, with practical hints.

28 pages.

Tags: teaching reading with the bible, dads, moms, family devotions, verse a day

How Much Money Do You Need?
Art Dappen

12 pages.

Tags: dads, career, verse a day

The Education Of Kings
Art Dappen

Is there a Biblical pattern for education? In this book, Art Dappen discusses the difference between the world's educational goals and God's goals, and lays out an amazingly simple, yet incredibly effective, method for training children to have a true Biblical worldview. Taken from God's commandment for the preparation of Israel's kings, this method has been tried and proven by Art's family and many others across the U.S. and Mexico.

96 pages.

Tags: bible copy, dads, why homeschool?, family devotions, verse a day, missions

How To Teach Your Children One Verse A Day
Art Dappen

Many Christian fathers neglect to have meaningful devotions with their family. Many who want to begin this activity feel unqualifed to properly teach their children from the Bible. Art Dappen lays out the spiritual and logical necessity for fathers to take on their role as spiriual head in their homes, and lays out a simple plan for Bible teaching. After reading this, you should have no problem laying out the meaning of God's Word to your children.

28 pages.

Tags: dads, family devotions, verse a day