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The Saddest Book In My Library
Glenn Conjurske

Glenn Conjurske’s description of the saddest book in his library.

2 pages.

Tags: dads, moms, why homeschool?, missions

What About Socialization?
Art Dappen

4 pages.

Tags: why homeschool?, missions

Wonderful Missionary Books
Grace Stott

An excerpt from Twenty-Six Years of Missionary Work in China, by Grace Stott (published 1897), with a list of missionary books.

8 pages.

Tags: missions, reading

The Education Of Kings
Art Dappen

Is there a Biblical pattern for education? In this book, Art Dappen discusses the difference between the world's educational goals and God's goals, and lays out an amazingly simple, yet incredibly effective, method for training children to have a true Biblical worldview. Taken from God's commandment for the preparation of Israel's kings, this method has been tried and proven by Art's family and many others across the U.S. and Mexico.

96 pages.

Tags: bible copy, dads, why homeschool?, family devotions, verse a day, missions