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Understanding Hannah
Debbie Klein

If Hannah's only reason for desiring a child was to experience physical motherhood for a time, however short, whatever the cost to her or her child, who could commend that? How are we to understand Hannah?

20 pages.

Tags: moms, college, career, seek ye first homeschooling

The Unholy Trinity
Art Dappen

“The world exalts the unholy trinity of Art, Science and Technology. But we should exalt the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is not composed of atoms. He is a Spirit.”

12 pages.

Tags: dads, college, career, seek ye first homeschooling

How Your Children Can Have Success
Art Dappen

4 pages.

Tags: dads, moms, college, career

Training Our Children For Leadership
Bob Gessner

8 pages.

Tags: dads, moms, college, career

Ministerial Education
Glenn Conjurske

“Real Christianity calls us ‘outside the camp’ to ‘bear the reproach’ of Christ and His cross. What college on earth aims at such an end? Their real aim is all the other way. It is to lift us above the reproach of Christ, to remove the offense of the cross, to win the respect and esteem of the world. To this end they pursue ‘academic excellence’ and ‘accreditation,’ for it is not the standards of God’s Word that concern them, but the standards of the world.”

101 pages.

Tags: dads, college